3D Virtual Tour FAQ’s

Why choose us to create 3D virtual tours for your website?

We are a global provider offering unbeatable expert service, with photographers who have gone through rigorous training for capturing the highest quality 3D virtual tours. We are one of the only Matterport providers with the ability to service and provide consistent quality across national and global contracts and company work.

As a result, we have continued work with top brands and companies such as National Amusements, Showcase Cinemas, WeWork, General Motors, Cadillac, Douglas Elliman, Sperry Van Ness, Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway,  Ambassador theater group, Wedding wire etc… Our global reach, consistency in quality and competitive pricing are among the many reasons to choose Beachgrid/RealTView for your Virtual Tours services.

How can you add the 3D virtual tour to your website?

The virtual tours are delivered as a URL that you embed into any website or share in social media, email or digital marketing campaigns. Wordpress has a plug in to easily create 3D tour galleries on a page with previews.

What format are the files that I can download?
You can download individuals photos (aka Snapshots) as jpg files. The Schematic Floor Plans are .png and .pdf files. Or in .obj and xyz (point cloud) files to use in CAD software. 

Are there hosting fees?
The first year of hosting for commercial tours is free, which require consistent hosting as opposed real estate tours that can go offline after the sale/rental. Residential is free for the first year, where many houses are sold within that time. For hosting beyond the 1st free year, there is a $144/annual hosting fee.

About Google Street View, Google Maps, Business Integration of Virtual Tour
Our platform offers Google Maps integration. However the  3d Model tours are higher end than Google maps, so realtors and commercial properties prefer those on their website, which include the full 3D Dollhouse model alongside the 3D virtual tour. All of our 3D virtual tours can be added onto the Google Maps platform, which increases viewership immensely.

An example-
We added the virtual tour of Yonkers, NY – Showcase Cinema movie theater to Google Maps, Business and Street View, which is available at a small fee. In 23 days on Google Maps they received 54,000 views of the virtual tour – far more than the traffic they received on their website. It’s an upsell of incredible value. Not to be confused with Google maps tours from 3 years ago, that used the outdated Google capture platform and Google discontinued and then created Matterport as the new default platform  to capturing tours that are compatible with Google Maps, Street view, and Business integration.

Which glasses are recommended to view the 3D space in VR?
Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream.

Who is Matterport?
Matterportis ultimately not the only partner to whom Google is opening its Street View API, but it is the sole company which will be offering 3D views of spaces in addition to 360-degree scans which should allow for more compelling views as Google embraces new technologies like virtual reality.

What happens after activation? What is the timeline? 

  • Your appointment is scheduled:
  • Email Confirmation: 
    Capture details including the date and time are sent to you. Photographer information and simple steps for preparing a location for capture are also sent to you.
  • 24 Hour Heads Up: 
    24 hours before the capture a 2nd email notification is sent with steps for preparing locations and confirming the time and date of your appointment.
  • On-Site Walk through: 
    Our capture experts will arrive on time and will do a walk through property with you to ensure property is ready for filming.
  • On-Site Capture: 
    Your RealTView agent captures the 3D Virtual Tour and will also confirm scope of work is completed with you.
  • Product Delivery: 
    Your Tour is delivered digitally in 24-48 hours. Universal tour links and website embed code are sent to you for your digital marketing efforts.
  • Sharing Tours: 
    Easily add the tour to your website! Easily share on social media, use in email campaigns and direct customer engagement.

What happens if my client books a filming and doesn't show up?

There is a strict no-show penalty of $125 if you are not available at the set time and does not provide notice. We must have two full business days of notice. Photographers lose round trip traveling time and lose opportunities to work at another location.

There is a strict $30 administrative fee if date changes are requested less than 48 hours before the scheduled time.