3D Virtual Tours for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industries Package

Product Overview


For architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries you can have complete, immersive 3D models of a real-world job sites. Engage stakeholders, streamline workflow and document every step of the project and milestones. Then share a link and stakeholders can explore the 3D Space right from their web browser. Have comprehensive walk-throughs.

Finally, export assets (point cloud, reflected ceiling and floor plan images, 3D mesh file, 2D photos, and more) and continue working in other software that you already use. Take this 3D model and annotate, share, and export the point cloud to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®. It's easy to tag locations with more info and even create a visual punchlist. If you’re familiar with 3D modeling software, you can also download an OBJ file with the 2D/3D data. Construction and engineering customers can also export colored, registered point clouds and reflected ceiling plans via our beta program.

Here is what you will receive: (2,500Sq. Ft. base)

  • 3D Space - that can be shared on websites, social media, email or digital marketing campaigns
  • High Definition 4K Photos
  • 2D Floor Plans
  • Doll house view "above the property looking onto the building perspective"
  • MLS Compatibility
  • Compatible on All Devices
  • VR Headset Support

Google Street View, Google Maps, Business Integration of Virtual Tour
When your customers look for your business on Google, they will also see the 360º imagery that our photographer captured.

How to get started

Simply activate the Base Purchase (2,500 sq. ft.) and then add/select "Additional Sq. ft." so that the total Sq. ft. of the property being captured is correct.For example: If the property is 4,500 sq. ft. you would activate the Base Product (which includes 2,500 sq. ft.) and then activate the "Additional 2,000 sq. ft. (Total Property Sq. ft. = 4,500).

Service is available in the contiguous U.S.
Lets make sure that we are available to service your location

We are available to answer any questions that you may have and look forward to discussing how we can create your property into an immersive and engaging 3D space.

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