Why web accessibility is important

Posted by Beachgrid on Jun 28th 2021

Why web accessibility is important

Web accessibility is not about a checklist it’s about people. It’s about real people with disabilities being able to use your website, apps, and digital technology to do everything from work to play. It’s about the user experience so that every individual can access what they want when they need it easily. This should be important to you too because there could be missed opportunities for you to reach an audience that may be interested in your products or services.

Too many websites are still inaccessible. It's the difference between web design that caters to some of your customers and one that doesn't, which could lead to more sales and a better customer relationship for you with a wider customer base.

People with disabilities are growing every day. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to access information online and enjoy digital technology.

When you create your website or app, it's important to always keep in mind those who have disabilities. There are many people with different impairments using assistive technologies like screen readers and keystroke commands.

It would really help in addition to meeting potential new clients!