Customer review management - be aware, be proactive, reply quickly and politely

Posted by Beachgrid on Jul 31st 2019

Customer review management - be aware, be proactive,  reply quickly and politely

Online customer communication is rising as a way to interact with your brand with positive and negative reviews. These influencers now captivate all readers and how you respond, especially to the negative reviews can affect your brand.

Review monitoring and management – is this part of your business strategy?

Does your company get positive reviews? Yeah! How about negative reviews? What is your process for managing your business reputation and are you responding to ALL reviews? Are you aware if you have reviews?

If you aren’t responding to every single review - you should be. Here’s why. Every message from your customers is an outreach. They have taken time out of their busy schedule to send you a message. Why leave them hanging? Existing customers and potential customers are waiting to see how and if you respond.

Look at responding to reviews as an opportunity. An opportunity to thank them for their feedback. To welcome them back into your storefront or online store. Thank them for their patronage.

Replying to negative reviews, the opportunity is even greater. You want to find the core of the problem that your customer is voicing. You want to really listen to their complaint, thank them for sharing their feedback and let them know that you want to resolve the issue and you want to rebuild trust. Offer to reach out to them by phone or email to further continue the resolution process, take the conversation offline but reply online first so that you show a public response.

Be proactive. React quickly and politely, don’t make excuses.

Negative reviews can sting. You must take emotion out of your reply. If that is too difficult, consider having a 3rd party company that specializes in replying to customer reviews take on this responsibility for you. You never want to lash out in a reply and make matters worse.

Bad reviews can sting - make a controlled and caring response to turn the situation around

Engage with every single person who leaves your business a review. You want to deepen the relationship with existing customers and let potential customers learn about how things will be if they become a customer of yours.

Responding and managing reviews is easier now in the Beachgrid reputation management platform – you can now save time by using "Review Response Templates" to post a response to both positive and negative reviews. Check out the new functionality that will make the review response process a time saver for you.

Here are 9 reasons why you should consider these features for your responses.

  1. The Beachgrid Review Response Templates allows you to respond to your customer reviews in as little as two clicks because Review Response Templates intelligently recommends 3 response templates based on details from the customer review, allowing you to choose one and click post. That's it!
  2. There are 40 default templates populate at random so all responses sound authentic. These can be edited, deleted or you can create your own with dynamic fields. Specify which templates to show up based on a particular star rating. You are in control.
  3. All review response templates follow industry best-practices, making this process fool-proof.
  4. You can also create an unlimited number of custom templates to stay true to your brand.
  5. Your recommendations will change based on the star ratings of the review.
  6. Your business name and the reviewers name is automatically pre-populate into the response.
  7. The next review will have new responses so that you aren’t posting a string of identical responses.
  8. Responses are SEO friendly, HIPAA compliant and encourages offline conversations for negative reviews.
  9. All reviews can be further customized even if you use a template response.

Try it for yourself today

Let’s look at some of the sources where you may have reviews - platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Your business could be mentioned on blogs, news websites, forums, listings, 3rd party industry specific sites and wide variety of other sites.

How can you monitor and respond to reviews if you are unaware of them?
You can create Google alerts or use a professional business tool that sends you the reviews proactively, that allows you to reply to reviews from many sources from your dashboard instead of having to log into many different sites to reply to your reviews.

Experience reputation management in an easy and intuitive interface that keeps you up to date and makes managing your insights simple. Learn more and sign up today!