Google My Business 4x Month Posting FAQ’s

Google My Business 4x month FAQ's

GMB posting process:

Order Form
Once the Beachgrid team receives your Order Form we will schedule an onboarding call date and time that works best for you.

Onboarding Call
Our team will conduct an onboarding call with you to gather additional information needed to complete the setup.

  • Our marketing strategist will work with you to create a tailored strategy for your social posts.
  • We can work to claim your GMB listing if it has not already been verified and claimed. The verification & claiming your GMB is a separate billable service (not included in the posting service price) that we can happily add on.  You will need a verified and claimed account before we can work on postings. 
  • We will verify the point of contact at your business who will be responsible for reviewing and approving the GMB posts.

Important: Please note that our team will not be able to begin work on your GMB posts until we complete the initial onboarding call and gain access to your GMB account.

5 Business Days (*after the Initial Onboarding Call is Completed)

Your Content Calendar: Our writers create engaging content based on guidelines set by you during our onboarding call. Once the posts are drafted, a copy of the content, links, and images for each post will

be emailed to you for review and your approval. Keep in mind unlike other social platforms, the GMB posts will disappear after 7 days to promote only the most up-to-date and fresh content.

2 Business Days (*after your edits are received and the required assets are provided.)

Edits & Revisions: (One set of revisions is included)

Social Posting Deployment: After you have approved the final posts, we will post it to GMB on your behalf!

Please note:
It is important that we receive your feedback and signoff in a timely manner. If no response is received, we will send a follow up reminder 2 days after the initial approval request. If no response is received 2 days after the reminder, we will post the GMB social posts on your behalf.

Monthly Call
One of our marketing strategists will contact you every month to discuss your content direction.

  • If you would prefer not to participate in a monthly call, let us know! Our marketing strategists will continue to create GMB posts based on previous direction.
  • You can be involved as much or as little as you want in the creation of your GMB posts.
  • You can change the direction of your social posts at any time during these monthly calls. We are here to serve you. We want to get this just right for you.
  • Important: Please note that we cannot advertise promotions and sales if you do not share them with us. Keep us in the loop on the topics that you want shared on your GMB account. Having a current post is going to be great for your GMB.

Important Notes:

  • The timeline of 7 business days begins from the day we complete the onboarding call.
  • Timelines may vary based on your responsiveness, delays in providing the required assets, will delay when the content can be posted. Timeline is considered paused while waiting on customer response. We will send one reminder when waiting on customer approval, and if no response is received, posts will go out as drafted.
  • We require direct contact with the business owner or business representative via email and phone to ensure we deliver the GMB posts on the timeline outlined above.

Client Expectations:

  • Complete an initial onboarding call with our Marketing Strategists.
  • Provide promotions, sales, featured items, images, and content suggestions as requested.
  • Communicate effectively with us to keep the project on track in order to meet the set deadlines.

~~~Other Questions~~~

What if you don’t like a post once it’s been posted to GMB?

If you are unhappy with a post after it’s was approved and posted, we can absolutely delete it from the platform on your behalf. A replacement post will not be provided.

Do you provide stock images?

We can absolutely provide stock images if requested and required. However, we recommend that you provides professional images of your business (industry, products, banner ads etc.) to ensure an authentic and engaging social presence.

Is a monthly content call necessary?

We recommend completing a short content call each month. This helps ensure that our team is able to deliver a social posting strategy that suits your needs and targets the right audiences with your promotions and featured items.

What are the limits for word count on each post?

While GMB allows up to 300-word posts, we strive to follow industry best practices which recommend keeping GMB posts between 80-100 words.

Sign up and let us manage your GMB postings for you.