Studio Produced Company Intro Video / Product Promo Videos

Product Overview

Easily build affordable custom videos with professional spokespeople to introduce your business to the world. Introduce your business, product and services in a concise video that lets people know your message in a memorable and engaging way. Reach new customers with video and increase conversion rates.

Did you know:

  • A business is 53 times more likely to show up first in Google search results if a video is on their website.
  • Adding a product video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80 percent.
  • Mobile users prefer video to text and mobile video viewership more than doubles every year.
  • 98 percent of consumers say they have watched a video to learn about a product or service.
  • Facebook users are seven times more likely to like or share a post if it includes a video.

Every business has a website. Videos help you build your brand online. A company introduction video supercharges a website by helping to communicate effectively with audiences. Use the “Your Company” video everywhere: on your website, social media pages, YouTube, email marketing, and landing pages.

Typically a service like this costs thousands of dollars for a professionally produced video with an on-camera spokesperson, custom graphics, video editing and voice overs.

Here is how it works: You select all of the custom aspects of your video.

  1. This starts with our large selection of on-camera spokespeople, including what they will wear on camera.
  2. Then select the studio background, the graphics, the voice over artist, and everything else that will make up the video.
  3. Finally, add a script.
  4. Your selected professional spokesperson will shoot your script in front of your selected background.
  5. The fully edited video with custom graphics will be delivered within two business days.

Our diverse team of on-camera talent can help bring your company's story to life. All of our spokespeople are experienced on-air news anchors and reporters. There are thousands of background images or you can upload your preferred image, or logo. Add a Call To Action at the end with the voice over or your contact info.

Once the full order is placed and submitted in the product dashboard, the completed video will be delivered within two business days. There will be a link to download the completed video in your new product dashboard. Your order must be placed by noon EST for the 2 business day production time. Or if you need expedited processing select "Expedited Delivery (Next Day)" for a small fee.

Here are additional details about this studio produced video service.