Video Testimonials, Hosting & Management Tool

Product Overview

It’s well known that customer testimonials and reviews drive whether you shop from certain stores or buy certain products. We all read reviews before we shop. Video reviews will change how we research and shopHaving authentic video testimonials is so much more compelling and engaging than text You can guide your customers because they may not know what to say or where to begin with their video. So, you direct the story that you want, using story prompts. Your customers just fill in the blanks.

Did you know
Video outperforms text and images combined by 1200% and video testimonials/reviews and unboxing videos are growing in large numbers and produce high conversions. 


  • Customers leaving a video testimonial may be nervous, they can ramble, they may not know what to say.
  • How do they get the video off of their phone and sent to you?
    Video files are large how do the customer get this large file to you? What infrastructure do you need to have in place to gather, manage and maintain the submitted videos?
  • What do you do with the video after the customer sends it?
  • Do you have time to edit these videos?

We have a platform that makes your customers comfortable recording a video for your business. By using a webcam, tablet or smartphone. No special software or apps needed.The process has multiple prompts to guide the customer in providing an authentic and focused review. For example - I love this product name by your company name because...

This will give you 3 video segments or you can use all 3 segments as 1 full video (4 videos from 1 customer review) that you can use in email, on your website, on social media, or anywhere that you’d like. You have signed release form from your customer for legal ownership of the videos and they are all hosted in your portal and is easy to manage.

You ask a customer to do a review after they have purchased from you or at an event that is happening or has occurred or about a service that you have provided.

Your customer will receive a link to create their video > Customers can redo any part of the video until they are happy > User signs a release and can then post to FB, twitter or linkedIn > At the end of the review you can add a CTA (for example buy now/learn more/enter to win) that sits beneath the video when its socially shared.

Now you can share, or download and edit.